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This sign up is for Marching Band Camp 2016. Sign up online today and receive automated reminders for your spot!


Help with registration Aug. 15 and 16, frying hamburgers and hot dogs, or do the shopping for the end of camp's BBQ.


The Band Boosters will provide BBQ for all students and parents. Potluck the rest of the meal with us by bringing side dishes and salads. This will be our first opportunity to see the beginning of the competition show for the new season Aug26th. It is happening at either the High School or CMH Field this year 6 pm, stay tuned.


Remember other students are invited to be part of Marching Band this year as prop helpers and on and off the field loading equipment. You are welcome to bring friends who might want to join in the fun! If they want to be in the show they can come to camp and join the Color Guard.


 Astoria Marching Band Reunion at Regatta 8-13-16

Are you a current or former member of the Astoria High School Band? Are you a resident musician of Clatsop County or of the United States? Have you ever wanted to march in a parade?


If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, we want you!!!

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The Astoria/Megler Bridge is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the 2016 Astoria Regatta is going to be bigger and better than ever. And we want to have a great time with a bunch of band folks while we march through downtown Astoria and live or relive our band days during the Regatta Grand Land Parade Saturday, August 13th, starting at noon. This will be a free event sponsored by the Astoria Band Boosters and will include a reunion/BBQ get together. The Boosters will also provide a free t-shirt to all registered participants so we can all be uniform. A short practice or two on an easy to achieve parade tune will be all you need to attend. Even if there is no way you can still play your horn, we want you to join us and march (or at least attempt to walk in step) for all the spectators.



Please register if you are going to attend.


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